The Esky

The Esky

Okay! Alright already! I know it's not a Fiat.....
But you must admit - it IS a four letter word starting with "F"...

From time to time, we have to get practical. I was rebuilding the blue 850 and needed something with a bit of space to haul parts and stuff around in. Face it, an 850 only carries so much (although I've found if you remove the passengers seat, an air compressor fits perfectly in between the seat tracks!).

So I got the Esky, named such as it is a Ford Escort panel van that just happened to have an alter ego of an insulated box primarily for the purpose of keeping beer cold.

Mural on Esky It was a horrid plain yellow thing in the days when hotted-up panel vans were all the rage. I couldn't resist putting a few murals down the side and while I was at it, sprayed the interior black with silhouetted horsemen from opposing armies facing off across the "workbench".
All things considered, this was a useful and reliable car that played it's part in getting the blue 850 back on the road.... Besides, it valve bounced beautifully and at least when the back end broke loose, it was a damn-site easier to catch than an 850!

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