A few toys from the past...

Fang The Fearless Fiat Fiat X1/9 850 Sport - JFG.512
Fang the Fearless Fiat Fiat X1/9 The White One
1974 Ford Escort Panel Van Fiat Uno
The Esky Fiat Uno

Over the years I guess I've had a few cars... It's not so much that I have a quick turn-over of cars (I actually tend to hang onto them for a long time), my problem's more that I like to have 3 or 4 cars at once.

My fleet '86

"Greenies" have frowned at me for this minor indulgence, citing the damage that cars do to the ozone layer and the urban environment, but I assure them that in fact I couldn't be doing more to help the cause! In reply to the sceptical brows of said Greenie, I point out that as I have (for example) 4 cars, then I have guaranteed that at any given time 75% of my fleet are off the road. That gets 'em!

Anyway, by now you know the gig - click on an image to see more. (Do check out Fang the Fearless Fiat. It's a top little beast).

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