Fang the Fearless Fiat

1982 Fiat Car Club of NSW Concourse Fang the Fearless Fiat
1982 Fiat Car Club Concourse
Fang won "Best Club Car"

This incredible little car was my first. There was nothing it wouldn't do and nowhere it feared to tread. This little car had guts!

Mountain climbing Fang

I was still on my L Plates (learners permit) when I got this car in October 1981. It's a 1970 model and had been a one owner job. I bought it and in the first few weeks, I spun it on my L's, got my licence, spun it on my P's (provisional licence), bush-bashed it and joined the NRMA and the Fiat Car Club of NSW. Then I went out and bought another 850 Sports, figuring if I was going to have this much fun, I better have some backup.

Bushbashing Fang What an amazing car! It climbed mountains, lap dashed, competed in motokhanas, won the Best Club Car category of it's first Concourse and still came back for more.
Motokhana Fang Motokhana Fang
Mural on Fang

One day, just for fun, I decided to paint my first airbrush mural. There was Fang sitting innocently in the driveway with a slightly rusty bonnet and generally awaiting a respray, so I thought "what have I got to lose?". Damn mural worked a treat, and it sure gave the guys at the Car Club something to talk about for a while. It was certainly the only Fiat anyone had ever seen with a mural on it!

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Sure, it blew a head gasket, rusted profusely and generally got a little messy from time to time, but nothing I did to it seemed to dampen it's enthusiasm to get out there and have a go at anything.

Fang meets the Water Board truck

...Until it met the Water Board truck. That was an "ooops". Small car into big truck does not go. It was a Tuesday, and on Tuesday nights I did panelbeating and welding at tech. I drove straight into the workshop and we put the biggest gear that Brookvale Tech had onto that front guard to straighten it, but it wouldn't budge. The truck's tow bar had punched a hole clean through the front apron, and the tray mangled the corner of the car, but all the welds held beautifully. Even the Tech teacher could not believe the strength of the little beast.

Fang - as good as new (sorta) In the end I got a body shop to cut off the old guard and front apron (I was busy rebuilding my other 850), tack weld on the new panels, and then I took it back to Tech and borrowed a MIG to do all the full seam welds. Then a quick coat of paint, and Fang was ready to take on the world again.

I owned this amazing car for 5 years and still marvel at what I put it through and how much fun I had with it. I couldn't have hoped for a better first car.

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