1983 Fiat X1/9

My Fiat X1/9

This was one of the best examples of the Fiat X1/9 I've ever seen. I bought it in 1986 when it was just 3 years old, from a couple in Canberra who'd owned it from new.

Canberra (A.C.T.) has to be the best place to buy a second hand car. The roads are wide and extremely well maintained, it's not overcrowded so parking spaces actually have space, and being inland, the cars aren't subject to the damaging effects of salt spray. This car did not have a single mark or scratch on it anywhere. There were no suspicious noises from the suspension. In short, it was like new.

Fiat X1/9

And wow, was I king-of-the-kids! I was only 21 and most of my friends were borrowing Mum's car or getting around in clapped out old Holdens or Datsuns... and there was I in a mid engined red Italian convertible that they only dreamed of!

It must have been one of the last of the Fiats as it's build date was March '82 (when Fiat stopped production). It was first registered in January '83.

It was, and hopefully still is, a beautiful little car. If I hadn't moved to New Zealand (and only had room to store one car), I doubt I would have sold it.

Hey, you like this?
It's my Christmas card from 1987.
X1/9 Xmas cards
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