1968 Fiat 850 Sports Coupe

CAR850 at Italian Day show at Canberra

Bought on 13th June, 1983 as an unregistered wreck for $300, this beautiful little car has undergone a complete transformation.

When I got it with a blown head gasket, it also had many other things wrong with it: assorted dents, ubiquitous and somewhat inevitable Fiat rust, the windows didn't wind up so the red carpet was black with mould, the doors didn't lock, there were untold numbers of parts missing off it and you didn't even need a key to start it - just flick a toggle switch hanging down from under the dash and touch the big red wire to the back. It was white, very shabby and of dubious and unknown history. (Scenario sounds familiar I bet!). It was bought as a cheap nasty hack to drive around in while I rebuilt Fang, my other dear 850.

I was living with my parents at the time and had nowhere to work on the car to get the necessary repairs completed to make it driveable, so I conned my Mum's aunty into letting me use her garage "just for a week" to do the head gasket.

It eventually emerged from her garage one year later.

This story is told in five parts. You can just jump in anywhere, or follow the links at the bottom of each page to watch the progress.

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You might also like to have a look at the airbrush painting I did of this car in the Car Art section.

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