ARDC Amscar Series

1997 Australian Racing Drivers Club Amscar Series Poster

1997 Australian Racing Drivers Club Amscar Series Poster

This poster was commissioned by the Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) in 1997 for their inaugural Amscar Series for V8 Privateers. As this event had never yet taken place, C.A.R. Productions Paintbox was used to create the design not only for this underlying artwork, but for the typography and sponsor logos placement as well. On Paintbox, merging over 16 different images as well as the type and logos into several designs was easy. Once approved, the painting was produced to match exactly, with no changes neccessary or nasty surprises. This application of Paintbox helped to ensure that the tight deadline was met.

The original framed painting is now on display at the ARDC headquarters at Eastern Creek International Raceway.

Original painting dimensions: 610mm x 910mm
Medium: oil on canvas
Hours to paint: 90 hours over 2 weeks

© 1997 Australian Racing Drivers Club

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