Ferrari 275 GTB

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/C (Competition)

Ferrari 275 GTB Competition

Although this is an extremely rare model of Ferrari, to the absolute fanatics amongst you it would be instantly recognisable by the extra air vents just behind the rear wheel. You're excused if you didn't pick it - only 12 were ever built, between May and August 1966.

With coachwork designed by Pinninfarinna, the 275 GTB boasted an aluminium body, plexiglass windows, and a dry sump engine producing 300bhp.

Original painting dimensions: 510mm x 760mm
Medium: airbrush - watercolour on Bainbridge board
Hours to paint: I honestly can't remember!

Just a note here: this was my first attempt at airbrush painting!

© 1985 C.A.R. Productions. Original owned by private collector.

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