Australian Registers

As an avid 850 and X1/9 enthusiast, I am always delighted to hear from fellow owners of these cars.

In an endeavour to establish contact with others who share my passion for these two distinct vehicles, I have established a Register for each, both with certain altruistic aims:

So come on - be a part of it!  It's free, and it just may be a whole lot of fun ;-)

X1/9 Register

Primarily aimed at the Bertone model of the X1/9, this register has been created by two enthusistic Bertone owners, David and Carolyn (aka CAR - the person who's garage you're standing in right now!). Our aim is to try and establish the whereabouts of the 51 of these wonderful cars that were imported to Australia in 1988.

We're not trying to sell you anything, we won't bug you, we just find that with these special cars being so rare, there are many benefits in making contact with other owners.

To participate in the Australian Bertone Register, click here.

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850 Register

Especially since the recent addition of an 850 Spider to Car's Garage, I have a renewed interest (should that read: obsession!) in finding other 850s. After 30 odd years, I find that the majority of these cars that still survive do so soley due to the care of their owners and are becoming few and far between.

I am more than happy to hear from other owners with 850 Coupes, Sports Coupes and Sedans, but I am particularly keen to locate 850 Spiders, Roadsters, Racers, and Lombardis.

To participate in the Australian 850 Register, click here.

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