David's Bertone X1/9s

David's white Bertone

Yes that's right - the title says Bertone X1/9S (plural)!
With only 51 of these cars ever imported to Australia, David has found himself the owner of two of them.

The white one has been lovingly maintained by David for the last 5 years of it's life and a prouder owner you're never likely to meet.

The car is in fabulous condition and interestingly, it has a painted white roof, which as far as he can establish, has been that way since new.

David's & my Bertones at the 99 Fiat Nationals David's Bertone lined up at the 99 Concourse
This photo shows David's & my Bertones at the 1999 Fiat Nationals in May.
See the full report on the Nationals here.
Seen here at the recent 1999 Fiat Club of NSW Concorso, David's X stands out from the crowd.
See more of the '99 Concourso here.

His latest aquisition is a red '89 Bertone. Unfortunately it has had a bit of a nasty crash in the front and will take some work to get back on the road where it belongs.

I'll get David to tell you a bit more about his cars in the coming weeks...

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