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Welcome to the Australian Bertone X1/9 Register.

Open to all Australian X1/9's, our emphasis is on establishing the whereabouts of the 51 Bertones that were imported here in 1988-89, however we'd love to hear from any X1/9 owners - the more the merrier!

To participate in the Australian Bertone X1/9 Register, please fill in the following form.


These full details will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and with the utmost respect for your privacy. Only a brief summary of the vehicle information will be displayed to the public - items such as registration number, colour, State and photo (if available). All personal information is entirely excluded from the public Register results and is only sought in order for the founders of the Register, (David and Carolyn) to be able to identify the history of individual cars or to stay in touch with owners from time to time with useful information and then only if indicated in the form below. No private information from the Register results will be passed onto a third party. All fields are optional, but the more you provide, the more we may be able to help you.

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Please indicate if you would like to stay informed of any upcoming events, parts shipments or other useful information from the Australian Bertone X1/9 Register.
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Want to include a photo of your car in the Register results?
If you have a scanned picture, please email it to CAR, preferably reasonably small, in .jpg format.
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