Friend's Fiats - Scott

Scott has quite a few unique cars including a beautiful X1/9, a 'not-so-beautiful' X1/9, a racing Yugo and an outright party car Yugo that is regularly dressed up for occassions!

Note: Quotes in blue are in Scott's own words.

Pumpkin Power!

Pumpkin Power! Pumpkin Powered backside

This heap was purchased for $100, intended to be a donor car. As time went by, I realized that the little beast wasn't in all that bad of shape. I put in some new parts, a few hours of work, and Presto! - Another car entered the stable.

This new acquisition has since turned from a beater to the "party car." I use it to go back and forth from work in the winter, (salty roads) and it has since aquired a new, custom paint job, courtesy of my wife. The dark blue backdrop provided a perfect palette for a stars and moons theme. The Decoration thus begun........

Pumpkin Power from the front

After a while, it began to seem commonplace in my driveway, so I decided it needed further decoration.  A "modular holiday decorating mount" was welded to the roof, and 12v power running off the lights was added.  This all happened around Halloween, which is a very fun holiday.  My wife carved a beautiful pumkin with stars, moons, and comets on it, and I made the comment - "That sure would look cool on the Blue Yugo......."   The rest is as they say - history. Scott & his wife dressed to kill

We dressed up at Halloween and went driving around the city with the pumpkin on the roof, it was the most fun I've had in a long time. The car currently has a decorated Christmas tree with lights adorning it now, and coloured lights running around the rear windows.  (Pictures following soon...)

The car grabs people's attention, and is a real conversation starter.


Racing Yugo - 88 Yugo GVX

Racing Yugo

This car is my "summer Yugo" and has been highly modified from it's original state. I started racing in in Auto Slalom competition this past fall. It has a larger Weber carburetor, fast road camshaft, front and rear sway bars, suspension lowered 3", and a custom large diameter exhaust.  It is the most fun to drive fast, as it handles quite neutrally, and is surprisingly quick. It has to be the most fun one can have on four wheels.........

On a more "normal" note, Scott has a really nice X1/9...

78 Fiat X1/9

This car was the first Fiat I purchased, bone stock and raggedy...

It has undergone major change in the past few years. I have added a 1500cc motor with a race camshaft, Twin 40mm Weber DCNF's, ported/polished cylinder head, electronic ignition, header, and custom exhaust. 5 speed tranmission, '85 Bertone Leather interior, upgraded suspension, and rebuilt everything else. The U.S. spec bumpers have been replaced with my own small custom fabricated bump stops, and I think it looks much better.  I drive it about 9,000 miles a year and wouldn't swap it for anything.

Scott's X1/9

Another X1/9...

'85 Bertone red/black

Purchased as a donor car, we're not quite sure what to do with it, the tinworm has worked it's way through the entire car. :(  Runs good and still drives around fine. (I want to make a rally cross car out of it, but finances may dictate other things).

X1/9 & 1/2

How about an X1/4.5 Trailer!

X1/4.5 trailer

I bought this '74 X1/9 as a donor car, and it was entirely too rusty to even think about putting back on the road.  While it was sitting in my driveway waiting to be dismantled, I was looking at some different pictures of X1/9's, and saw this guy in England who had made a trailer from the rear half of an X1/9. The seed was planted.

A couple of hours with a Sawzall, and presto! the car was in two halves. I removed the engine and all unnecessary components, to save weight. 

X1/4.5 Trailer

After installing a floor in the engine bay, I decided it was time to weld on the mechanics of the trailer. I went to a trailer supply house, bought some parts and some steel, and went about welding on a tongue to tow the trailer by, and the required parts to make a removable hitch for my '78 X1/9.

A weekend of cutting and welding has brought the trailer to the stage you see now, and once winter is over here in the states, I will start on the bodywork and painting to match my '78.

X1/4.5 trailer behind Pumkin Power!

I now have almost double the carrying capacity of the car, and plenty of room for a beer cooler, race tires, a floor jack, and whatever else I want to carry. 

I even have a set of matching mag wheels to go on the trailer! It should be a real head turner on the highway.

And of course you need something to tow it with....

The hitch is attached to the car using a 2" square piece of steel tubing, welded up inside the muffler area (after removing all aluminum and insulation) in between the frame rails of the car.  The reciever tube is then welded to this, and sticks out through a square hole cut in the rear grill.

X1/9 tow car

This is a small club gathering at my house - Have you ever seen that many Yugo's at once before? We had 6 Yugo's, my two X1/9's and a friends' very nice Alfa Romeo 164.


Everyone there can be classified as a nut because we were all multiple Fiat owners, and most decided to bring a Yugo that day.

Here's a sad sight...

As a resident of sunny Australia, I can't imagine what it must be like to come out in the morning & find this!

Buried X1/9
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