Friend's Fiats

Have a look at what some of my "Fiat" friends get up to with their cars. From crashing to concourse and everything weird in between.

Rob's 850 Spider David's white Bertone
Rob's Fiat David's Bertones
Scott's Fiats A new use for a 124 Spider
Scott's Fiats Dan's Fiats

Here's another wonderful car, in fact the best example of a standard 850 Sports that you're ever likely to see in captivity...

Concourse winner AFA.819 Engine bay of Concourse winning 850

This car is amazing! For several years it won not only the Coupe class, but outright honours at the Fiat Car Club of NSW Annual Concourse. It is owned by a Doctor who lives in country NSW and he has admitted that he has spent a small fortune on it and it shows. It's condition is better than original with beautiful 2-pack paint inside and out.

The first year I went up against him, we were parked side by side and I had a great in depth discussion with him about many details and quirks of the cars. He had rebuilt this car in relative isolation (living in the country) and had got a few minor details wrong. The next year, he had everything perfect. It's a credit to him.

Latest News...

At the 1999 Fiat Club of NSW Annual Concorso, yep, you guessed it - this fine little car again won Outright Honours! That must make it 7 years out of the last 8 that it's won, and the only reason that it's not a perfect tally is that it wasn't there that one year!

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