Fiat Funnies!

In the true spirit of Fiat follies, my imagination often gets the upper hand :-)

Those late nights in the garage, the frustration of the bolt that refuses to come undone short of applying a small nuclear explosion in the direct vicinity, the smell of gearbox oil in your hair and the sheer dread of discovering hereto unnoticed outbreaks of the Italian Rust Demon in one's beloved has given rise to the following little gems of humorous wisdom.

X1/850 Barchetta
Behold the ludicrous notion of an X1/9 speed boat in all it's glory.

X1/850 Barchetta

Car Bar "Specials"
Marvel at the gut wrenching concoctions that grace the cocktail menu at the Car Bar.

Car Bar "Specials"

Fiat Food
Take a gastronomic journey through the inner secrets of Fiat wiring!

Spaghetti Electrics

All this awaits the unwary in the Fiat Funnies pages...

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