X1/850 Barchetta - The Truth!

I apologise in advance to any of you who believed...

The X1/850 Barchetta is nothing more than an escapee from my overly active imagination!

There! I've said it!

X1/850 Barchetta on the water

The clues were all there, albeit subtly. Firstly, in the water shot, there's the goofy picture of me, yet in the text, I described how I just followed it back to the launching ramp - not that I had a drive.

Also, the lack of other maritime traffic in the background should have given a hint that this was not busy Sydney Harbour.

X1/850 Barchetta parked outside Doyles

Secondly, in the shot of the Barchetta on the trailer behind my car, there are several clues. The car pictured is not my Bertone (as stated), but is in actual fact, my previous X1/9 - a Fiat, as can be seen by the interior upolstery and the missing black trim strip down the side of the car. I simply added the wheels and the number plate from my current Bertone X/19 to make it appear superficially like it, but it also lacks the rear wing and the engine bay cover is black, not red, as on the Bertone.

For any of you who know the famous Sydney landmark, Doyles Restaurant, you might have also noted that Doyles in fact, fronts onto a beach, not a road. I had to retouch the little dinghys and the sand out of the foreground and put the road in to have somewhere to "park" the car and boat trailer.

Sorry if anyone is disappointed by this revelation, but girl have Paintbox - will play! If you'd like to see the bits I made these images from, click here.

The X1/850 Barchetta is a good idea though, and it would work! If I were ever to own a power boat, I could do alot worse than one of these.

© 1999 C.A.R. Productions

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