CAR.850 - PART 5
Today and the Future

CAR850 profile shot Reflection down the side

Today the car really is beautiful and it's always a buzz to take it out for a cruise. It has gone in quite a few shows since the second respray and certainly turned a few heads.

In the past few years though, unfortunately, this wonderful little car has all but retired to the garage, due to my heavy work commitments and the fact that I had four cars (three registered). In the last 15 years, it's only clocked up 20,000 miles, and in some years, it travels less than 20 miles in the whole 12 months between rego checks. I worked out that with this mileage and the cost of registraion and insurance, that it has cost as much as $52 per mile!

I don't think it'll ever really be "finished" as there's always maintenance and little changes or improvements I want to do to it.

Rear view Yep, still polishing it!

Oh, and before anyone foolishly asks.....

This car is not and will never be for sale!

June 1999 - ???

With the X1/9 back on the road, and the major show events over for the year, I (foolishly) started the long-awaited re-wire & re-fit of CAR.850's interior. I intend to fit electric windows and central locking, linked into a much better alarm system. I'm also designing & building new floor and roof consoles and door trims that are a little more elegant.

On the wiring side of things, much of the original harness and all of the additional wires and auxillery fuse box have been removed. This will make way for an entirely new system comprising 2 drop-drown fuse boxes with all the relays neatly lined up and everything labelled. As before, all auxillery components will be run separately from the main system fuses.

I'll be putting up some pictures and telling this story once the job's done...

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