Magazine Articles - 1967

Modern Motor - June 1967

"Confronted with the problem of designing an extra-special coupe on the basis of the 850S, Fiat turned the problem over to it's central design office in Turin, which came up with what is undoubtedly the prettiest mini car of all time."

"Despite the modest size of the motor the Coupe rushes along the open road with remarkable willingness. We were able to maintain 75 mph without trouble. This is equivalent to more than 5000 rpm....."

"In the dry the car just kept tracking perfectly into and through the corners, understeering ever so gently until loss of adhesion occured at the back. Then the stern would come round, fairly quickly, and sometimes with a bit of a hop. Not vicious by any means, and when you got to know what was coming, much fun."

Modern Motor Road Test 850 Coupe
A Few Statistics:
850 Coupe
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Power Output 52 (SAE) @ 6200 rpm
Top Speed 84 m.p.h.
Standing Quarter Mile 21.3 seconds
0-50 m.p.h. 12.6 seconds
0-60 m.p.h. 18.5 seconds
Australian Price:
850 Coupe $2435 (pre April)
$2198 (after 1st April, 1967)

1967, Barry Cooke, Modern Motor.

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