Fiat Memorabilia

Publicity photos Bertone X1/9 plaque Magazine Articles
Fiat Publicity Photos Bertone Memorabilia Magazine articles on 850's
850 Sports Coupe brochure Badges and Logos Fiat 850 Sedan brouchure
850 Sports Coupe brochure Bagdes and logos 1960's 850 Sedan brochure

Yes, that's right folks. It's all here for your viewing pleasure! Marvel at the flying Fiat, lose yourself in the cavernous interior of an 850 Sedan or simply reminisce about the days when a new car cost a few thousand dollars.

These are just a sample of the various items I have gathered over the years. In addition, I also have over 80 books on cars and motor racing, number plates and road signs, hundreds of model cars (many of them Fiats) two 5' 6" perspex Fiat signs and a 6 x 6 foot complete illuminated Bertone sign (ex dealers showroom).

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