Fantastic Fiats!

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X1/850 Barchetta 850 Drag Car

OK... so these aren't Fiats, but they ARE fantastic!

Ferrari Testarossa Stretch Mustang Limo!

X1/850 Barchetta

Has anyone ever heard of or seen one of these before???

Fiat X1/850 Barchetta

I believe it's known as a Fiat X1/850 Barchetta. X1 because it's obviously based on the beautiful Bertone designed body, and the 850 part of the name comes from what it's powered by. It apparently uses 2 x 903cc marinised engines, one from an 850 and the other from a 127. As they both rotate in opposite directions, it gives the Barchetta left and right rotation propellers. I was told they're also turbocharged to give it a top speed of 38 knots.

I spotted it on Sydney harbour a few years back and followed it back to it's launching ramp. Just for a hoot I hooked it up to my Bertone X1/9 to take the photo (I've got a tow bar for my sailing boat trailer).

What a fantastic "little boat"!
For more information on the X1/850 Barchetta click here.

Flying Fiat Drag Car   Fast Fours & Rotaries magazine - Jan/Feb 1993

Fast Fours & Rotaries story

Owned by Tony Rigoli, this 1969 Fiat 850 Sports has GOT to be the fastest ever to hit the streets. It's powered by a nitrous injected, turbocharged 1800cc 124 twin cam engine, boasting 300 horsepower...

Underneath engine bay

Cams, crank and rods are standard 124, the turbo is off a Fiat Uno Diesel (sold only in Europe) and the only non-Fiat parts on the engine are the Borgo pistons and rings. Juice is supplied via a Microtech EFI system, supplemented by direct-port NOS. The nitrous tank nestles up front in the boot with the Alfetta radiator and thermatic fan.

Getting all that power to the track is through a standard case VW 4 speed gearbox with Alfa V6 CV joints and stub axles and a 3.8:1 Super Diff. The suspension components are basically stock 850, apart from an extra shockie each side on the rear for stability. The front brakes are standard, but the rear benefit from modified 124CC discs. Take a set of 131 steel wheels, widen them to 6" with Yokohamas for the front and 7" with some sticky Mickey Thompson rears, and this car really takes off!

What's the quarter mile ET? 12.110 @ 114mph at Willowbank Raceway in 1992.

850 drag car interior rear view 850 drag car


Me at the wheel...

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

OK, so it's not strictly speaking a Fiat, but since Ferrari is owned by Fiat, I thought I'd include it anyway.

This magnificent car belongs to a friend of a friend of mine who was kind enough to take me for a drive. He didn't actually LET me drive, but it was brilliant fun all the same.

Stretch '65 Mustang Limo & '66 Drag Car

Check out this for a couple of cool cars! They're both owned by a good friend of mine who spent the equivalent of the foreign debt of a third world country and over a year building the only stretch Mustang Limo outside the US. At 23 feet long, it is reputed to be the longest in the world!

... Yeah... I know - they're definately NOT Fiats!

Stretch '65 Mustang Limo '65 Mustang Drag Car
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