1999 Fiat Nationals
Sunday - The Motorkhana

The weather cleared, the sun came out and all was well at The Nationals.

Just in time for the main event - the Fiat of Italy Cup, decided by the outcome of a fast and furious day of Motorkhana fun!

Motorkhana in the mud
Fun in the sun playing in the mud

Although the sun was out, the ground was wall-to-wall MUD! I guess it just adds to the fun, until you find clumps of Ansell Park grass growing out of your mudguards a week later :-)

The only casualty on the day was car by the name of "Buggar". And when it lost a wheel coming into the stop garage at the end of a run, it most certainly was buggared. Not to let this little mishap slow down the day's events, a group of bods simply picked it up and carried it safely out of the way. Hmmm... 3 wheels and 2 dozen legs. A unique twist on a custom suspension!

hate to have to clean this car! Cute, but grubby
"Buggar" was buggared X1/9s make a great motorkhana car


Just the thing to top off a fantastic weekend of Fiat fun is a Khanacross! On the newly developed section of Ansell Park a figure 8 track was laid out. Of course there was more mud to contend with, but the sideways sliding sure looked like a hoot!

Daniel's X1/9 in the Khanacross John's 850 enjoyed the run

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