Fiat 850 Sedan brochure - Introduction

The 850 under test in the Arctic Circle


This is the slogan which so aptly defines the Fiat 850. A car complying with the current and future requirements of economy motoring:
in engine capacity, in overall dimensions and in interior accommodation. A car intended for business and pleasure used by millions of individuals and families.
In the Fiat range the 850 is the happy medium between the 600 and 1100.
The 850 undergoing trials at the Equator

The capacity of the 850 (843cc.) is perfectly tailored to the requirement of this class of car. The 850 has a performance exceeding that expected from it's cylinder capacity, while first cost and fuel consumption are less. Two versions: one with 40 H.P. (SAE) engine for normal petrol, one with 42 H.P. (SAE) engine for premium petrol.

An entirely new car in mechanical and body design. An extremely modern and safe car of pleasing appearance. Safety tested over thousands of miles at extreme latitudes; in the freezing loneliness of the Arctic winter and in the equatorial regions of Africa.

Fiat 850: The car for today

Hey! I didn't write this stuff!

I just copied it verbatim, (complete with grammatical and punctuation errors) for your edification... I think it loses something in the translation :-)

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