In my fiat related ramblings on the world wide (wonderful) web, I've stumbled across a broad range of Fiat sites, from the official to the downright homely. I've grouped them here for you edification and enjoyment.


Official Sites

The Fiat Factory web site.
The Fiat Australia site.
OK, so it's not quite a Fiat, but who could argue with cars as beautiful and magic as these?
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Fiat Clubs

Fiat Car Club of NSW
A good club - full of good folk... (I belonged on and off for years... about 17 years!).
Fiat Club of Queensland
A nice site with some great information. (I belonged to this club for a while too!)
Fiat Car Club of Victoria Inc.
South of the border foe! (Kidding folks :-)
Fiat-Lancia Car Club of South Australia
Fiat & Lancia folk from down South Aussie way.
Fiat-Lancia Car Club of Western Australia
Fiat & Lancia Club way out West.
X1/9 Owner's Club - UK
A focal point for all enthusiasts of this unique sports car, not just in the UK, but worldwide.
A112 Abarth Club International
"Site dedicated to this small Italian car signed Abarth". (In Italian & English)
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Fiat Resources

A fabulous enthusiast-maintained information resource.
Interactive Fiat Forum
This is a vital part of the Mirafiori site. Well worth a visit to swap information with fellow Fiat folk.
Mirafiori's guide to mail order parts (ex USA).
The place for high performance and racing parts for Fiats.
C. Obert & Co.
Good place for Fiat parts, especially the older models and rear engined cars.
Wine Country Motors
If you ever need your Fiat repaired in CA, try these guys... true Fiat fanatics. Who better to work on your car?
The Fiat World Links Collection
A comprehensive and very well organised group of links.
Fiat/ Lancia Web Ring
A full list of sites...
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Fiat Forum Friends

XANA - X1/9 Automobili North America Mac's X1/9
XANA groups together several US based X1/9 clubs. Includes a link to Mac's Seattle X1/9.
Courtney Waters' Fiat page Courtney Waters' 128
Here you'll find a true enthusiast with some home grown tips for DIY. Check out the 128 Corral..
Angel's Fiat World Pete Angel's 124 Spider
The home page of Pete Angel, avid Fiat 124 owner. Pete's site has a series of articles highlighting his experiences with Fiats, from restoration to racing.
Fouribordo Fiat logo
Randy Mangum's rear engined Fiat and Abarth site.
Amici della Fiat 850 Fiat 850 logo
Jeff Stich's site dedicated exclusively to the owners & enthusiasts of the Fiat 850's. Be sure to scroll down and click on the link to his "Vintage Ads" page.
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Other Fine Fiat Finds...

X1/9 Down Under
Another passionate X1/9 owner from Aus.
Jean Brulbault's 850 page
Ok, so it's in French, but it does have pictures of the 850 Mk III Coupe...
Internet Movie Cars Database
This is far more than just a Fiat site - it's an awesome database (including screen shots) of almost every car ever used in a movie in any way. Check it out!
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Motor Racing

Formula 1
The official site of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.
MotoGP World Championship.
The official MotoGP web site.
The official site for the FedEx Championship Series.
V8 Supercars
An Australian tradition, the V8's are great to watch!
World Rally Championship
Official site for the World Rally Championship (skipped the intro animation page!)
Targa Tasmania 2000
The traditions of the Targa Florio have been recreated in an exciting competition called Targa Tasmania... The Ultimate Tarmac Rally.
Race Time
For the most up to date results of Australian motor racing. Provides full lap charts for every category at major events.
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I'll be adding to this page regularly. If you have a good page or site I should know about, send me an email and I'll take a look.

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