Chat Room - Instructions

There are two approaches. You may register (free) or just enter as a guest.


If you choose to be a guest, press the NEW USER button, skip over the fields for HANDLE and EMAIL (they will be ignored anyway), and press ENTER AS A GUEST. You will be assigned a temporary Guest name (eg: Guest444).

Chat entrance

Inside Car's Garage Chat Room
Registered User

If you chose to become a registered user, select NEW USER, fill in your HANDLE (name or alias) and your EMAIL ADDRESS, then hit REGISTER.

You will be sent an email containing your password to use on subsequent visits. Even before you recieve this though, you may come in and start chatting!

On subsequent visits after you're registered, press REGISTERED USER, type in your HANDLE and PASSWORD, and click CONNECT.

Really folks - it's simple and fun!

To enter, click on this link and
Enter the Car's Garage Chat Room.

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