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The Land

The site is located on Tallebudgera Connection Road, Tallebudgera within the Park Living Domain under the provision of the Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003.

The site consists of an irregularly rectangular shape block comprising an area of 12,310sq mts, which equates to just over 3 acres. It incorporates a street frontage width of approximately 144m and a rear boundary of 126m. The north boundary is 64.6m and the southern boundary 126.1m.

The site is presently vacant, characterised by grass cover and a range of existing scattered native trees and shrubs. No trees need to be removed for the construction of the centres.

Dense landscaping is proposed throughout the site with a heavy focus along the front and rear boundaries and on the perimeters of the buildings and car parking areas. The aim is to achieve visual relief of the buildings for the adjacent neighbouring properties and a pleasant natural environment for the children and staff.

This property and approved DA is offered for sale directly by the owner. Please take a look around and contact the owner at leprechaun@reforsale.com.au for more details.