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Proposed Buildings

A "Queenslander" style of building is proposed for the centers with colourbond metal roof and bullnose veranda, lightweight cladding to walls, timber floors on posts rising above the naturally falling ground to the rear.

This design was chosen to compliment the landscape and historic character of the region, whilst also creating a high quality environment for the childcare activities. As such, the buildings will not appear as typical commercial premises, but rather integrate with the character of the surrounding residential community.

As well as being in keeping with the surrounding area it is also appropriately designed to suit the neccessary requirements of child care centres, incorporating a long building with wide roofed verandahs and shaded areas.

Please take a look at the plans, elevations and site sections by clicking on the links below or in the sub-menu above.

This property and approved DA is offered for sale directly by the owner. Please take a look around and contact the owner at leprechaun@reforsale.com.au for more details.