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Approved Development

The approval is for two single level buildings to the frontage, incorporating two storeys in height to the rear of the buildings. The approval allows for construction in two stages.

Each centre will accommodate 75 children and incorporates five activity rooms, a staff room, various store rooms, an indoor play area and two outdoor play areas. A total of twenty staff is intended to operate the premises (10 per building). The hours of operation are to be from 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

A total of fifty on site car parking spaces is incorporated in the development with ten spaces in each centre reserved for staff parking. Four of the parking spaces (two per building) are nominated as a pick up and set down zone and located under a portico directly in front of the building entrance.

Vehicular access is proposed via a driveway entering the site from Tallebudgera Connection Road, and provides manoeuvering areas within the front portion of the site. Pedestrians will access the building through paved pathways.

The name and identity "Leprechaun Creek" is a working title only. It may be adopted by you or changed to reflect your vision for the Centres.

This property and approved DA is offered for sale directly by the owner. Please take a look around and contact the owner at leprechaun@reforsale.com.au for more details.